Welcome tO Kenya Freelancers Academy where we teach you legit and proven ways how you can make money online. A single course can be completed within a duration of 3 weeks, and you can start a business and make money either while training or thereafter.

We have carefully selected our courses to ensure we only offer those that have been proven to work for freelancers in Kenya.

We teach legitimate methods that can earn you a real income. We have a variety of courses to choose from.

Our guides are specially crafted guides, and are easy to follow and apply. We make everything very easy for you to understand. Use of jargon is minimized making our training suitable for beginners to experts.

Our Courses include the following:

  1. How to make money writing articles
  2. How to make Money Developing Mobile apps(training on how to build and sell apps
  3. How to make money designing websites(training on actual site development and marketing
  4. How to make money creating ebooks(own ebooks or ghost writing for others)
  5. How to make money teaching and giving advice online
  6. How to make money selling goods and services online(with or without own stock or service)
  7. How to make money offering Micro services or doing data entry online
  8. How to make money doing transcription
  9. How to make money Advertising Online
  10. How to make money offering Virtual Assistance Services

We understand that not all are able to pay fees to take our online courses. We have therefore come up with three alternative programs to ensure you have no issue paying fees:

1. Full Scholarship while you market our products

Under this arrangement, we give you an opportunity to market our products on commission, and once you get clients, we shall deduct fees from your earnings.

How it works: 

If you market our app development service, and get a client who pays Ksh 50000 for instance, we give you 30 % commission for this, which is equivalent to Ksh 15000. If a course you are intending to take amounts to Ksh 5000, we only deduct the fees, and give you Ksh 10000. Our programs or services are easy to sell. You can even market our courses and get 20% commission for each student you bring.

2. Learn as you earn program

Under this program, you are given an offer to pay registration fee, and you start learning. We shall help you sell a service in one of our marketplaces, and we shall deduct the fees from your earnings.

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