Make Money Writing Articles

Course Description

Do you want to make easy money online? Learn more about our article writing course. This course has helped thousands of Kenyans make good money while working online!

This course will take you 2 to 3 weeks, and it will prepare you to learn how to do search engine optimized articles, press releases, reviews, landing pages, etc. You only need good English research skills.

The following categories of people are best suited for writing course:

Why take this course?

Why is learning how to write articles worth? Search engine optimization is important for the success of any online business. Writing articles is one good way of ensuring search engine optimization. Businesses need more and more content to be ranked high in google. More content means more opportunities for freelance writers. The markets we target for articles are not only local.  We shall teach you how to sell your services/articles internationally

How much will you make after this course?

This hustle is not like the get rich schemes you know of; the scheme will only make you money if you deliver high quality articles. On average, an article of 400 words go for about Ksh 300. On a single day, with a good profile, you can do an average of 10 articles. On average, you can make at least Ksh 3000 daily.

How much do you pay for the course?

Normally, most trainers charge 15000, with no possibility of giving you assistance in looking for clients. We charge 5000Ksh which is equivalent to 50 USD. Fee payments can be made in two installments if the course is taken within our offer period. In course of training, we may help you get a client to work for and pay your fees balance out of fees.

The methods presented in the course makes it possible for you to make steady income while working remotely.


The course is available online. We give you access to a learning portal. You can access notes and video demonstrations from the portal also in your free time. The online portal allows for the interaction with a mentor to give you additional guidance on demand. You access the class at your own convenient time since there is no schedule.


We award a certificate after taking the course. This certificate can be uploaded to online jobs board and can in turn attract and win clients easily. We have partnered with Chartered Institute of Education Marketing and Consultancy to accredit our study program.

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