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Course Description

No matter how long you’ve been an entrepreneur, launching an online business has never been more difficult: competition is fierce, product markets are saturated, and consumers are demanding convenience more than ever before. Regardless of which industry you are in, there are two types of products you can sell: commoditized products and niche products. Commoditized products are essential, high demand, or popular goods or services that can be physical or digital products. These are products that everybody needs. Commoditized products are what make up the majority of online sales. Think of anything you buy at Walmart or Amazon that has a big brand behind it — food, golf clubs, clothes, kids toys, etc.

Niche products are goods or services that serve a specific customer base and product category.

One interesting thing about this course is that we assume every learner doesn’t know how to get started.

The development and implementation of this course are aimed at the following groups of people:

Why take this course?

This course is good for those who have got a product and are ready to go to market — online and those who do not have or don’t know where to get started. The good thing with this course is that its targeting wide base of customers which cuts across Kenya, North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. By taking this course, we shall help you do market research, finalize products to sell, Identify your customer base — and segment your audiences, begin research on what ecommerce platform you’d like to sell on (like your own online store, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and other sites customers commonly buy from), create high-quality product content (including product descriptions and imagery), create a strategy to market to your potential customers (so you can drive traffic to store).

We shall also help you to make site, drive traffic to it, and increase revenue.

How much will you make after this course?

Lets assume you have identified a cheap source of product at an outlet in Gikomba or Kamukunji, upload the product image in a site we shall help you create for free, then direct traffic to the site as we shall show you, advertise that product and sell it at a profit.

Also assume you have an online store in Amazon, and wish to get products to sell there from China. You don’t have to buy product first. You don’t need stock. Advertise a product in Amazon at 100 USD, customer pays, you buy it at USD 30 from a Chinese wholesaler, and earn USD 70 or Ksh 7000 without much effort. We shall teach you how to do drop shipping and earn in such a way.

How much do you pay for the course?

Most schools that offer this course charge high fees of over Kenyan Shillings 30,000 yet they don’t give value. We bypass this by charging a lower fee of only 5000 Kenyan shillings or simply 50 US Dollars.  Another amazing fact to note is that in the course of learning, you can get clients and end up earning enough money that can clear your fee and keep the profits. Amazing, right?


Our course is basically taken online where we give a password to access our portal that has all the required course materials and demonstration videos. This takes away the hustle of a time table and commuting plus it will you an opportunity to learn at your own pace. To ensure you get well acquitted with the course, we provide you with a mentor to facilitate your learning and offer a helping hand when you feel stuck.


After completing this course, we will give you a certificate that you can use for your credibility and winning clients online. Accreditation is done through the Chartered Institute of Education Marketing ad Consultancy.

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