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Our Courses

Make Money Giving People Advice and teaching People Online

Teaching online can be a fun and profitable business. You can start part-time to generate some extra income and grow it to become a full-time business if you like.

Make Money Writing Articles

Do you want to make easy money online? Learn more about our article writing course. This course has helped thousands of Kenyans make good money while working online!

Make Money Selling Products Online

Thinking of starting an ecommerce website to sell products? It is imperative therefore that you understand how to navigate the industry before you start. We give you an ecommerce page to get started after registration.

Make Money Creating Animated Explainer Videos

Has your desire been learning or getting to know a way you can make money easily online? Then you are in the right place. A lot of Kenyans are making steady income online making videos for companies!

Make Money Online Doing Transcription

Transcription is essential to businesses today, but the process is time-consuming. For businesses, it is more advantageous and economical to outsource their transcription requirements. They eliminate the need to train staff on transcription or hire another employee for the job. 

Make Money Building Websites for Businesses

This course offers you an opportunity to be able to get the requisite skills needed in creating all kinds of websites. We have a customized course aimed at helping you making professional websites for business. 

Make Money Writing Ebooks

Writing an ebook is a good way to make a living off the internet. People are spending more and more time on the internet these days and using it as a resource for everything.

Make Money Building Mobile Apps

Learn how to make mobile apps for businesses, and make thousands. Do you need any training in programming/coding/html and such stuff?  No need to stress yourself. You don’t need coding skills.

Make Money Affiliate Marketing

Has your desire been learning or getting to know a way you can make money easily online? Then you are in the right place. We propose to you a course that over the years has accrued a steady income online for many Kenyans!

Making Money Online Doing Virtual Assistance And Data Entry Online

In the simplest sense of the term, virtual assistants are self-employed experts, who work for clients from a remote location. With specific skills sets, they can serve multiple clients and work on different projects. 

Make Money Selling Microservices Online

If you have a marketable skill or are learning one, you can scale your business by selling your services online. There are two ways in which you can do this.

Make Money Advertising Online

Search engines like Google and Bing make their money through advertising. They advertise through websites owned by people and therefore advertising is a huge way to make money online.

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