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Welcome to Kenya Freelancers Academy, where we teach you legit and proven ways how you can make money online.

Kenya Freelancers Academy is the best platform for learning how to start and scale your own online business. Whether you are looking to take your passion completely online or want  a side hustle, our courses are tested and proven to work.

Making money online can be easy when you have a mentor to take you through the journey. That is what we are offering you here at Kenya Freelancers Academy. We will guide you step by step and ensure you become an expert at the course you choose to engage in, and make money.

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Learn Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online

We teach legitimate methods that can earn you a real income. We do not teach you how to recruit people to join a multilevel marketing program or take surveys. We have taken time to research on sound, proven techniques that online entrepreneurs are using to make a decent income online. Our methods are not only for those looking for a side hustle, but also for people who are seriously looking for a way to make real cash online.

Learn Scalable Methods

We teach you scalable methods. Our techniques for making money online are scalable to any level that you want. You can take your business global or keep it local. You can employ people to work for you or automate your business so that it’s on autopilot and bringing you passive income.. You can take your business as far as you would like it to go. To do this, we teach you how you can leverage other people’s time to expand your business.

You may need little or no capital to start business online

With as little as your training fees, you can get started. There will be rent to pay, no stock to purchase, and office to furnish. When you are ready to put in the time, then you can be sure our methods will work. There is no business venture online or offline that you can start without putting in time. Most of these businesses may require just a few minutes of your time. We understand you may be engaged on a full time job daily, and this will be to supplement income.

Anyone with basic computer skills can take our courses

We have a variety of methods to choose from. Does drop shipping sound too complicated for you? Are you looking to start an online business that you will also run offline like an errand business? How about developing software or teaching online? Are you looking to sell services? We have more than 10 mentorship courses/programs for you to choose from or you could learn all of them if you want to diversify.

We give you guides, free website and software to use

Our guides are specially crafted guides are easy to follow and apply. We make everything very easy for you to understand. Our specially crafted guides take you from one step to the next in a procedural manner. Use of jargon is minimized making our training suitable for beginners to experts. We also understand you cant work online without an online 'office'. We give you a website or URL to market your business for free!


How Kenya Freelancers Academy Works


You can take full program to learn  proven ways to make a decent income online. Do not waste time trying to explore scams or misleading programs online. We have done extensive research on what works so you don’t waste time trying out things that will not change your life.


If you want to venture into making money online and see constant results, then you need tested and proven techniques. Find your mentor today and start the training. Our programs are designed with beginners in mind. We also have advanced programs for those who are already making money online but want to diversify their income opportunities online.


There are many successful online entrepreneurs making even upwards of six figures a month. Some got it the right the first time while others had to try so many times before they could make it. You do not have to go through the same pitfalls people have gone through before to make money online since you have the skills  and the required tools.

Start Your Online Business Now


Make Money Giving People Advice and teaching People Online

Teaching online can be a fun and profitable business. If you are already teaching, you can start part-time online teaching to generate some extra income and grow it to become a full-time business if you like.

Make Money Writing Articles

Do you want to make easy money online? Learn more about our article writing course. This course has helped thousands of Kenyans make good money while working online!

Make Money Selling Products Online

Thinking of starting an ecommerce website to sell products? It is imperative therefore that you understand how to navigate the industry before you start. We give you an ecommerce page to get started after registration.

Make Money Creating Animated Explainer Videos

Has your desire been to know how to make money online easily? Then you are in the right place. A lot of Kenyans are making steady income online making explainer videos for companies!

Make Money Online Doing Transcription

Transcription is essential to businesses today, but the process is time-consuming. For businesses, it is more advantageous and economical to outsource their transcription requirements. This means more opportunities for trascribers in Kenya. This course will show you how to get started and make money! 

Make Money Building Websites for Businesses

This course offers you an opportunity to be able to get the requisite skills needed in creating all kinds of websites. We have a customized course aimed at helping you making professional websites for business.

Make Money Writing Ebooks

Writing an ebook is a good way to make a living off the internet. People are spending more and more time on the internet these days and using it as a resource for everything.We teach you how to make ebook for yourself and how to get clients to hire you.

Make Money Building Mobile Apps

earn how to make mobile apps for businesses, and earn thousands of dollars working from home. Do you need any training in programming/coding/html and such stuff?  No need to stress yourself. You don’t need coding skills. We teach you how to use our software to develop mobile apps for businesses.

Make Money Affiliate Marketing

Has your desire been learning or getting to know a way you can make money easily online? Then you are in the right place. We propose to you a course that over the years has accrued a steady income online for many Kenyans!

Making Money Online Doing Virtual Assistance And Data Entry Online

In the simplest sense of the term, virtual assistants are self-employed experts, who work for clients from a remote location. With specific skills sets, they can serve multiple clients and work on different projects. Many Kenyans are working a virtual assistants for clients abroad.

Make Money Selling Microservices Online

If you have a marketable skill or are learning one, you can scale your business by selling your services online. We teach how how to get clients requiring microservices in Kenya and internationally.

Make Money Advertising Online

Search engines like Google and Bing make their money through advertising. They advertise through websites owned by people and therefore advertising is a huge way to make money online.

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What other Students say

Morris Wafula

I have searched a lot online to find a good online course which is affordable too but none of them could give me confidence in their teaching module and cost as well. Until one day my friend recommended me to take an Apps Development Course at Kenya Freelancers Academy. I laughed because I had no training in programming and I didn’t think it was something I was made to do. I contacted Kenya Freelancers Academy, and to my surprise, they accepted me, and taught me how to develop software using their apps.  I have sold 10 apps, now, the lowest amount I fetched was Ksh 40000 for one app. I couldn’t imagine that I had taken 5 years after completing University looking for a job. I wish I knew about this earlier.

Ann Mutila

 I had gotten tired of looking for writing opportunities. Having done academic  writing for 6 years, I must admit I got tired. I needed to look for something more reliable, at least not seasonal. I would make money for several months when students in Europe are on session, and slide to poverty for many months when out of season. I learnt about how to make money with explainer videos course offered by Kenya Freelancers Academy. I had no passion or training in videography. I enrolled, and trained with their software. I make great videos for my clients. My investment was only Ksh 5000 for training. I made Ksh 200000 three months after training.

Benard Bighton

I have taken two courses from Kenya Freelancers Academy: Affilliate Marketing and Selling Goods and Services Online. When I was advised to take selling goods and services online course I had no products of my own to sell. I discussed with my mentor, and he recommended me to several partners, some local and others international. They sent me their product images and I started making use of skills learnt from my course to drive traffic to the site they helped me create.

 The second course, affiliate marketing, was another great one. I was exposed to local and international merchants with easy and fast selling services. To get started, Kenya Freelancers Academy introduced me to their partners, and I started selling their products.

Maureen Montet

I came across Kenya Freelancers Academy when I was looking for the best digital marketing institute in Kenya that would provide the practical and theoretical knowledge about Internet Marketing. My journey with Kenya Freelancers Academy has been really amazing. Peter, with his expertise in the field of facebook and adwords marketing, increased our knowledge about the fields in a very unique way, which helped pique my interest in areas and technologies related to internet marketing. I would certainly recommend Kenya Freelancers Academy Make Money Advertising course to anyone who wants to get started making money online. I am now offering consultancy on social media marketing, adwords advertising and SEO

Brian Mukuria

I am a marketing professional and wanted to enhance my marketing skills by learning how make money selling micro services in Kenya . It is then I started searching for make money online programs. I needed aprogram that I could take online, and where am able to meet a mentor in office if I need them. I went through Kenya Freelacers Academy make money online courses. Initially I was confused about which one to choose and then I decided to analyse each based on my intrests and income potential. Well I believed in “Practice in what you preach.”

And that’s how I joined Kenya Freelancers Academy. When I met Jane, my mentor, the first thing she did was analyze my skill set and then suggested the verticals I should concentrate on. I explained to her  that I had taken an online course couple of years back and wasn’t satisfied with that. She assured me it won’t be the same and I would say, she walked her talk. I resigned from employment, and I am now doing an online business.

Grace Annita

I was looking for a change after six years of doing academic writing. My thorough research on how to make money online took me to Kenya Freelancers Academy website. My first interaction with them provided me sufficient knowledge about their professionalism and experience in training. Initially, I had this mentality that making money online was about writing only. But I was wrong.. I am now doing apps development. I joined this course without programing skills. I am now making apps for businesses. The earnings are far much better than what writing gave me.

 I wasted my 6 years looking for academic writing, but that didn give me money to buy a car. 6 months into apps development, and I am making good money.

 I recommend Kenya Freelancers Academy to anyone who doesn’t know where to get started in making money online. Talk to them, choose a suitable course and start making money

Program Ongoing

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Kenya Freelancers Academy is online web platform that trains those who are looking for online income opportunities. We train people from all walks of life. These include the employed, unemployed, retired, students, those looking for side hustles, etc. Your goal must be to start and engage in online businesses. We take you through all the basics, tricks and tips you need to start and run a successful online business. If you have a company, and wish to increase your digital presense, we can also be contracted to train your staff.

In Kenya Freelancers Academy, we do not ask for your academic certificates to enrol you. The most important thing is willingness to learn.  Running some online businesses do not require academic prowess. In apps development or web design for instance, one may hesitate to apply for fear of going through programming lessons. Our course will help you develop apps with software, and not coding knowledge. Its just the way you use facebook or whatsapp. Simple tips that will earn you money as you sleep! You will regret why you didn’t start this yesterday!

You can trust our team to choose the best thing for you. You may urgue that you are retired or ave no experience in making videos, but you will be surprised that a single day working with our software will help you create a video that you can sell the following day and make money! Our team will make it easy for you to get started and grow it to generate income in a couple of days or weeks.

Getting started is simple. You fill this form to specify the course needed, pay course fees( we allow you to pay half before you get started and the other half later. You can even pay the balance out of your earnings.

Once you register with us, we shall give you an opportunity to sell fast moving products and marketing services offered by others if you choose to be mentored on that line

No, this is an online business. You can work from home as long as you have internet and smartphone/laptop. If you don’t have the two, a cyber café can be good start.

Well, many come to us without any idea on where to start. Just send us an email or visit our office to consult once registered, and we shall brainstorm business ides to get you started.

There is misconception in Kenya that you only make money online through writing. Writing is just one program; we have more than 10 others we offer training on.

We understand that the techno savvy are very few in Kenya. Anyone can become an app or website designer even without coding training or experience. We help you do that?

Yes, there is discount. Talk to us and we shall give you the best discount.

Start Your Online Business Now

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You can take full program to learn working and proven ways through which you can make a decent income online. Do not waste time trying to make sense of all the misleading information available on the internet. We have done extensive research on what works so you don’t waste time trying out things that will not change your life.


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