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Course Description

Who wouldn’t love to make money online easily? If you are considering a stress free route, particularly if you have a passion in writing, the secret is ghost writing books/ebooks. This course will help you get started.

In two to three weeks’ time, you will be able to only publish your own books and promote them, but also be able to get clients who need ebooks/books ghost writing services.

The following can benefit from our course

Why take this course?

An ebook would be a big step up for you as a writer. Because while blog posts and freelance writing gigs are great ways to express your ideas and earn a side income, you can’t help feeling they’re a little, well, fleeting. Lightweight even! But your own ebook? That’s more substantial. It’s taken more seriously. It has more gravitas.

And having an ebook with your name on the front transforms you from a mere writer into that more impressive beast — an author.

But how do you become an ebook author without falling victim to the same mistakes that sabotage the attempts of so many other writers and bloggers? This course will help you win it.

There are many entrepreneurs/businesses that have ebook content marketing campaigns.

The main benefit of an ebook content marketing campaign strategy is establishing a business reputation online. An entrepreneur want to be an industry leader and a knowledgeable expert who readers can trust to solve their problems. When they offer an ebook to their readers, they can see that they have literally written the book on the subject and this will help establish and solidify their status as an authority in their industry. Some people do not have time or skill to do ebooks. Our course will reveal tricks and tips on how to get ebook clients.

How much will you make after this course?

Typically, ghost writers charge depending on number of pages requested. On average, a 300 words page will cost Ksh 500. If doing a book af 200 pages for instance, you can charge client a minimum of Ksh 100000. If you are an experienced ebook writer, you can charge higher than that.

How much do you pay for the course?

Ebook writing mentors charge from ksh 20,000 for a week course. Most don’t give anything else beyond training. We ask for 5,000 Kenya shilling. On top of that, we help you publish your first book, and create profiles in leading marketplaces where clients look for ghost writers.

During the course, you may even get a client who requires your services


We offer online classes to all students. You get a portal with a password that provides access to all of the lessons. Notes and video demonstrations are uploaded. There is no schedule, timetable or travel to class.

In case you may have trouble understanding something, there are mentors to take you through a topic and answer any queries. You determine your hours.


At the end of course, you get a certificate and it is a good idea to upload it in online jobs marketplaces. Our partnership with the Chartered Institute of Education Marketing and Consultancy is our pride.

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