Kenya Freelancers Academy is online web platform that trains those who are looking for online income opportunities. We train people from all walks of life. These include the employed, unemployed, retired, students, those looking for side hustles, etc. Your goal must be to start and engage in online businesses. We take you through all the basics, tricks and tips you need to start and run a successful online business. If you have a company, and wish to increase your digital presense, we can also be contracted to train your staff.

In Kenya Freelancers Academy, we do not ask for your academic certificates to enrol you. The most important thing is willingness to learn.  Running some online businesses do not require academic prowess. In apps development or web design for instance, one may hesitate to apply for fear of going through programming lessons. Our course will help you develop apps with software, and not coding knowledge. Its just the way you use facebook or whatsapp. Simple tips that will earn you money as you sleep! You will regret why you didn’t start this yesterday!

You can trust our team to choose the best thing for you. You may urgue that you are retired or ave no experience in making videos, but you will be surprised that a single day working with our software will help you create a video that you can sell the following day and make money! Our team will make it easy for you to get started and grow it to generate income in a couple of days or weeks.

Getting started is simple. You fill this form to specify the course needed, pay course fees( we allow you to pay half before you get started and the other half later. You can even pay the balance out of your earnings.

Once you register with us, we shall give you an opportunity to sell fast moving products and marketing services offered by others if you choose to be mentored on that line

No, this is an online business. You can work from home as long as you have internet and smartphone/laptop. If you don’t have the two, a cyber café can be good start.

Well, many come to us without any idea on where to start. Just send us an email or visit our office to consult once registered, and we shall brainstorm business ides to get you started.

There is misconception in Kenya that you only make money online through writing. Writing is just one program; we have more than 10 others we offer training on.

We understand that the techno savvy are very few in Kenya. Anyone can become an app or website designer even without coding training or experience. We help you do that?

Yes, there is discount. Talk to us and we shall give you the best discount.

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