Make Money with Affiliate Programs

Course Description

Has your desire been learning or getting to know a way you can make money easily online? Then you are in the right place. We propose to you a course that over the years has accrued a steady income online for many Kenyans!

An affiliate is a person who recommends a product or service, and gets paid a commission when the referral takes an action, usually ordering a service or purchasing a product.

Affiliate marketing is really the oldest concept is the world. People have been recommending products and services to each other for ages. It’s simply mediation. It’s a simple concept to understand and also possible to grow into a large business. It’s easy to start, has almost no risk.

This course will help you explore different affiliate networks, and will give you the best options to get started. If you follow our guidelines, you will be able to make money before you even finish the course.

The development and implementation of this course are aimed at the following groups of people:

Why take this course?

Affiliate marketing can make you a passive income. This is the type of income that makes you money while you sleep. However, it can only happen if you know what you are doing. Many have tried and failed. The thing about affiliate marketing, it is not about merely copying what others are doing. It is about treating this as a business and using affiliate marketing to sell products if you currently don’t have your own. Many businesses are looking for affiliate marketers. There are so many affiliate marketing programs online. We shall help you discover them.

How much will you make after this course?

There are many affiliate networks online. They are free to join, and they give very good commissions. The popular affiliate programs offer between 10 percent and 75 percent per sale. We shall help you identify the right programs, and work with you to set up something that will generate income for you. We have companies we have also partnered with that will kick start your business.

You can join our own affiliate program after training, where we can be giving you up to 30 percent share for every customer you bring to us or partner clients.

How much do you pay for the course?

There are a few affiliate marketing trainers in Kenya. It costs at least Ksh 30000 on average to get affiliate marketing training. We charge Ksh 5000, and on top of this we give you a free site to help you market the affiliate programs, take you through SEO training for free. Another amazing fact to note is that in the course of learning, you can get clients and end up earning enough money that can clear your fee and keep the profits. Amazing, right?


Our course is basically taken online where we give a password to access our portal that has all the required course materials and demonstration videos. This takes away the hustle of a time table and commuting, and it gives you an opportunity to learn at your pace. We provide you with a mentor to facilitate your learning and offer a helping hand when you feel stuck.


After completing this course, we will give you a certificate that you can use for your credibility and winning clients online. Accreditation is done through the Chartered Institute of Education Marketing and Consultancy.

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