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Course Description

There are different ways through which you can make money advertising products online. If you have a niche website or blog, you can advertise products related to your niche through the various available advertising networks. You can also sell ad space on your website directly to people that want to advertise their products. You can also add pop ads or use CPM ads on your website. However to make money with advertising you must have decent traffic coming to your site.

Many people are also only aware of Google Adsense as the only network they can join to run ads on their websites. Our training will help you to set up your site for success in advertising products. We will show you how you can build your online brand to get decent traffic to your website and then use ads to monetize your traffic.

We will also train you on how to work with Google adwords, and facebook sponsored ads

The development and implementation of this course are aimed at the following groups of people:

Why take this course?

With our training , you will discover the online tools you can use to promote a business online, create your marketing strategy, and attract the right customers.. We also give you a free website to get started. The good thing with this course is that its targeting wide base of customers which cuts across Kenya, North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. By taking this course, we We’ll teach you how to create a successful advertising and marketing strategy, and explain how email marketing, video and display ads can help you reach and attract more of the right customers.

How much will you make after this course?

Any business can be advertised on facebook and google. When you learn the tricks, you will be assured of getting high returns after spending little. Google AdSense can be an avenue for passive income. You can make money as you sleep, after seting up good campaign to give your site a good flow. You can also offer this service to many business clients and make a lot of money.

How much do you pay for the course?

We charge a lower fee of only 5000 Kenyan shillings or simply 50 US Dollars.. Remember we also partner with you in advertising your business. Another amazing fact to note is that in the course of learning, you can get clients and end up earning enough money that can clear your fee and keep the profits. Amazing, right?


Our course is basically taken online where we give a password to access our portal that has all the required course materials and demonstration videos. This takes away the hustle of a time table and commuting plus it will you an opportunity to learn at your own pace. To ensure you get well acquitted with the course, we provide you with a mentor to facilitate your learning and offer a helping hand when you feel stuck.


After completing this course, we will give you a certificate that you can use for your credibility and winning clients online. Accreditation is done through the Chartered Institute of Education Marketing ad Consultancy.

Signing up

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