You can now share revenue with Kenya Freelancers Academy

You have been approved to join Kenya Freelancers Academy Revenue Share Program.

 Your journey to make money online with us has started. Kenya Freelancers Academy partners with merchants (individuals or Corporate sellers) to allow affiliates (you and many others) to get an opportunity to make money by selling goods and services on commission.

After approval, a new affiliate is taken through an incubation period. During this period, you will only be allowed to sell particular products/services offered by us or our primary partners.

After hitting a certain threshold, we allow you to sell our secondary partners’ products, and hence increase your income.

products that you will be marketing were sent to your email, incase you dont get them contact support

Affiliate Members Area

Please note that you will now be able to access the members area. Please go through the guide to the sections below. The Affiliate area has the following sections:


Starting with family and friends and asking them to share link will work wonders. If you share link to a group with 100 members in a day, you may get 5 signing up. At commission of 25% for amount of 10000, that means, you make Ksh 25000 that day. The secret is to share widely; you never know who will respond.

Just make sure you do something with your link daily. Its good to also learn the blogging tricks. It works! Contact your agent to learn more.


You can withdraw your earnings weekly as long as you have hit payment threshold of Ksh 3000. Payment is processed within 7 days.

Upgrade to Increase Earnings

We encourage affiliate members to upgrade to Gold or Platinum to get better tools/support to increase their income.

Upgrading to Gold affiliate will give you 25% commission per sale, and ability to recruit other affiliates as well. You also get a page to host your creative and assistance to do blogging.

Platinum Affiliate will also come with other added benefits, including a site developed for you by one of us. This means that you will be able to sell even other products which are not from our primary and secondary partners

To upgrade, please buy a higher package by sending payment to below MPESA/ Bank account:


Freelancer Services Marketplace


KCB Bank

Account name: Freelancer Services Marketplace

Account Number : 1279335769

NUMBER 5567617

Please feel free to contact support from Monday to Saturday on 0723451664, 0208000641 or 0208000647. Our whatsapp number 0208000641 gives support from Monday to Sunday.

You can also send your queries to

All the best

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