Make Money with our Revenue sharing program

Here is an opportunity to sell our courses or other products and make decent income online

what is Kenya Freelancers Academy Revenue Share Program?

This is a program that allows individual partners to sell our services or our business partners products/services and get revenue share of between 15 and 75 percent per sale. We give you a special affiliate link, an advertising page and other tools, and once a referral buys a product or service with that link, you're affiliate account is rewarded. In other words, you make good money per sale from the comfort of your home

Introducing our risk free opportunity to make money online from home.

Become your own boss - have no one controlling you

work from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity

Create your own time, and set income goals

Its Simple!

Just refer your friends, relatives and others via whatsapp groups, facebook, twitter and other social media accounts to buy our courses or our partners products, get free training, and start making money.
Everything is set up for you, including a special page created solely for you

Are you looking for a side hustle or something to make you extra coin? Below are 9 reasons why you should consider joining the Kenya Freelancers Academy Revenue Share Program.

1. Easy to Start-You can even start with a Free account

Joining the Kenya Freelancers Academy Revenue Share Program is a matter of few clicks. Once you sign up, we shall give you access to promotional and educational materials. We approve each account within 24 hours. To start partnership with Kenya Freelancers Academy, ust click link below.   

Like many other revenue share or affiliate programs, ours is also online-based. With our program, you will have access to an affiliate dashboard. This is a platform where you will be tracking your referrals, earnings and be generating your affiliate links – you only need a device connected to the internet to access it. 

You can join our revenue share program from any  geographical location.  

2. You shall be selling a credible brand/products from reputable companies

Before referring to the product, it’s important to check its credibility and quality in order not to damage your own reputation. Certainly, the commission rate and potential payouts are also critical, but to become successful in affiliate marketing, you need to be passionate about the company and the products you promote.  

Kenya Freelancers Academy products and the ones from our partners speak for themselves. We have also partnered with businesses that have easy to sell products and services. We are trusted by well-known well-known brands.. 

3. Attractive commissions and bonuses

By joining the Kenya Freelancers Academy revenue share program, you shall be opening up unlimited opportunities to earn. Our Affiliate Program provides attractive commission and bonuses. Some products also have potential for recurring incomes. In the Kenya Freelancers Academy Affiliate Program, you will be receiving between 15% and 50 % commission from every sale you make for us or our clients.

4. Long cookie life

We offer 60-day cookie life to help our revenue share partners increase conversion rates and to give them more time to get their referrals to try our products. It means that as soon as the referral gets to access the website, every item they buy will be associated with the account for the following 60 days. Therefore, people referred by you will have more time to enjoy their holidays or, for example, celebrate Christmas – you will not lose your potential commissions.  

Combined with recurring commissions and a high payout ratio (more on that later), our program offers you a sustainable source of passive income. This means that all your efforts will surely be rewarded.

5. Superb affiliate support

We work hard to ensure continuous support to our affiliates. We believe that as they make money, we also do. We have invested a lot in promotional materials, and we provide training and whatever support they require to make that sale. You may be a newbie in affiliate marketing or are a seasoned professional, we shall have you covered. You will get replies to your emails within 24 hours.

We help newbies get started and get traffic to their best audiences. We want to see you achieve the best results. Talk to your relationship manager to share insights on the best practices.

6. Content materials provided

We always ask our affiliates to try out Kenya Freelancers Academy products first, before joining other programs from our other partners, to get a better understanding of what they will be promoting. While joining the Affiliate Program is free, promoting some products and services may require time and effort. Knowledge is the key. 

We know that being an affiliate can be challenging. That is why we work around the clock to tackle the problems you might encounter. Through our online platform, we also provide a lot of digital materials, which could be helpful in your work. Banners, texts, social media posts, and detailed product descriptions are just a few of the promotional tools available to you. 

We also allow creative affiliates to make their own ‘creatives’. If you are such, kindly submit your artworks, banners and other creative for fast approval before using them on your sites.

7. High income potential

Our Affiliate Program offers good commissions per sale. Our aim is to ensure all our partners get stable passive income for months or even years to come. 

8. Fast and easy to sell products

Regardless of the industry, geographical location or size, any company can benefit from Kenya Freelancers Academy products. From a small local café in Nairobi to a large, worldwide high-tech brand – every business makes use of its online presence, which creates a large amount of data to process. The unique trait of all our products is they are vital and easy to sell.

Therefore, no matter the location and specialization of your followers – we are sure you can find a crowd that would love to leverage the benefits of using Kenya Freelancers Academy. They just don’t know it yet. 

9. Low minimum payout

Our affiliate program features a Ksh 3000 minimum payout threshold. To tell you the truth, it is a win-win situation for everyone. It helps us spot valuable affiliates right from the start and provides assurance to our affiliates that we are a reliable business and that they will be receiving their hard earned commissions on time every time. Kenya Freelancers Academy products prices make it easy for you to reach the initial payout threshold with just a few sales.

Now that you are familiar with all the great benefits the Kenya Freelancers Academy affiliate program provides, we warmly invite you to join our affiliate program and experience all the perks yourself! 

If you have more questions about our affiliate program – you are welcome to check our Affiliate program terms and conditions or contact our affiliate team directly at

Choose the perfect plan

Basic Affiliate

  • Sign up Free
  • Set up-Get affiliate link
  • Commission: 15 percent per sale

Silver Affiliate

KSH 1000
  • Set Up- Get Affiliate link and blog site support
  • Commission of 20 percent per sale
  • Sign up bonus of Ksh 250

Gold Affiliate

KSH 2500
  • Set Up- Get affiliate link and Blog site support
  • Commission 25 percent per sale
  • Earn by recruiting affiliates as well
  • Get sign up bonus of Ksh 500

Platinum Affilliate

KSH 5000
  • Get a free website with own domain name
  • Commission 25 percent per sale
  • Earn by Recruiting Affilliate as well
  • Get a free make money online course of your choice
  • Get a sign up bonus of Ksh 1000


Joining KFA revenue share program is easy. You just fill the form below, and wait for approval within 24 hours. Because we shall be partnering with you in this, we shall give you a custom page with your name to use it to refer your clients.

You can start with friends and relatives. Who doesn’t want to know how to make a few coins online? You are not only targeting those who have no jobs or income but also students who need money to pay their fees and business people who need to make money online. You can also share your links on whats app groups, facebook groups, church groups, chamas, etc. Share or send your link to as many avenues as possible, and ask your friends to share them.

Just contact one of our agents to help you market. We shall be there for you.

Starting with family and friends and asking them to share link will work wonders. If you share link to a group with 100 members in a day, you may get 5 signing up. At commission of 25% for amount of 10000, that means, you make Ksh 25000 that day. The secret is to share widely; you never know who will respond.

After creating an account, even before selling anything, with some select packages, you are assured of a welcome bonus. You will still be able to withdraw this amount upon hitting withdrawal threshold.

The minimum withdrawal threshold for all accounts is KSH 3000

You can withdraw your funds at any time. It only takes a maximum of 7 days from withdrawal initiation to get money into your bank or MPESA account.

Just make sure you share your affiliate links. Where signups are not using your links, please share your username so they can include it in referral form.

Just make sure you do something with your link daily. Its good to also learn the blogging tricks. It works! Contact your agent to learn more.

You have potential to make several thousands daily. The trick is to share your link to as many people as you can. Work with your agent to help you. Another way of increasing your earnings is to take Platinum or Gold Registrations. They have more marketing tools and higher paying programs. Platinum package, for instance, will come with a free custom  website designed for you. This means you can promote more and more products with it.

Initially, since you shall still be under training, we highly recommend you start by selling our courses/online classes. Then, move on to other programs when fully equipped.

Yes, you can even start as a free member. After initial earnings, you can buy Gold or Platinum memberships which have higher earning potential.

Yes, we reward those high valued sellers. For instance, if you make sales amounting to Ksh 50000 on the first week selling our products, we give you entitled commissions, plus Ksh 5000 on top. If you make sales worth Ksh 100000 selling our products within a month, we give you entitled commissions, plus Ksh 10000 bonus on top. If you hit those targets several times, you become eligible for monthly retainer on top of commissons, and you shall even be assigned other duties. You shall become one of the most highly demanded sales executive by our partners

Blogging is the best way to get customers. We can help you create blog sites for free so you can maximise your earnings. Talk to your agent for help.

Our clients say

I am a home working mum. A friend of mine gave me this idea of making money from home, generate good income and at the same have time with my kids. I joined Kenya Freelancers Academy revenue share program; and at first, I thought it was a scam. I got a very supportive agent who understood my income goals. I was shown how to go about it and got my mini-website.. Since then life has never been same again. I am able to pay all my bills on time, have time with my family and also create great networks. Kenya Freelancers Academy Revenue share program is well though out. I recommend it for anyone who desire to make their first coin online.
Having done various businesses before, I thought I knew it all, but my pockets were always empty. I later came to learn about Kenya Freelancers Academy Revenue Share Program and I was interested. I went through the classes and now I pocket good cash on daily basis. Try this out! It doesn't matter if you are an expert or a beginner. Everyone has an opportunity at Kenya Freelancers Academy.
I am a university student and I come from a very humble background. My parents were not able to raise my fees, rent and also send money for food or other bills. So I had to get something to do during my free hours. I came across this KFA Revenue Share program on Facebook. I saw it very interesting and encouraged myself to take a risk and give it a try. I joined the program, was taken through the systems and started selling products on commission. I enrolled 20 students on first week, and got my commission and bonus. I now can make money with Kenya Freelancers Academy Revenue Share program and withdraw on weekly basis. I would encourage everyone else out there to try this.
I have worked with this academy for 2 months now. I never thought I could make that much am making today. The benefit of this is that you work when you feels like, no boss or supervisor to follow you up. Your effort determined how much you earn. This the best for anyone looking for an extra coin either fulltime or part-time.


Sign up know to join the revenue sharing program.

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