Frequently asked questions

Joining KFA revenue share program is easy. You just fill the form below, and wait for approval within 24 hours. Because we shall be partnering with you in this, we shall give you a custom page with your name to use it to refer your clients.

You can start with friends and relatives. Who doesn’t want to know how to make a few coins online? You are not only targeting those who have no jobs or income but also students who need money to pay their fees and business people who need to make money online. You can also share your links on whats app groups, facebook groups, church groups, chamas, etc. Share or send your link to as many avenues as possible, and ask your friends to share them.

Just contact one of our agents to help you market. We shall be there for you.

Starting with family and friends and asking them to share link will work wonders. If you share link to a group with 100 members in a day, you may get 5 signing up. At commission of 25% for amount of 10000, that means, you make Ksh 25000 that day. The secret is to share widely; you never know who will respond.

After creating an account, even before selling anything, with some select packages, you are assured of a welcome bonus. You will still be able to withdraw this amount upon hitting withdrawal threshold.

The minimum withdrawal threshold for all accounts is KSH 3000

You can withdraw your funds at any time. It only takes a maximum of 7 days from withdrawal initiation to get money into your bank or MPESA account.

Just make sure you share your affiliate links. Where signups are not using your links, please share your username so they can include it in referral form.

Just make sure you do something with your link daily. Its good to also learn the blogging tricks. It works! Contact your agent to learn more.

You have potential to make several thousands daily. The trick is to share your link to as many people as you can. Work with your agent to help you. Another way of increasing your earnings is to take Platinum or Gold Registrations. They have more marketing tools and higher paying programs. Platinum package, for instance, will come with a free custom  website designed for you. This means you can promote more and more products with it.

Initially, since you shall still be under training, we highly recommend you start by selling our courses/online classes. Then, move on to other programs when fully equipped.

Yes, you can even start as a free member. After initial earnings, you can buy Gold or Platinum memberships which have higher earning potential.

Yes, we reward those high valued sellers. For instance, if you make sales amounting to Ksh 50000 on the first week selling our products, we give you entitled commissions, plus Ksh 5000 on top. If you make sales worth Ksh 100000 selling our products within a month, we give you entitled commissions, plus Ksh 10000 bonus on top. If you hit those targets several times, you become eligible for monthly retainer on top of commissons, and you shall even be assigned other duties. You shall become one of the most highly demanded sales executive by our partners

Blogging is the best way to get customers. We can help you create blog sites for free so you can maximise your earnings. Talk to your agent for help.

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